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Garden of Heroes of the Third National Assembly

Architects: Panos Dragonas, Varvara Christopoulou


The Third National Assembly took place in Troezen from 19 March to 5 May 1827. A new memorial is going to be created on the borders of the village, between small olive groves, plane trees and fruit trees, overlooking the Aderes Mountains. In addition to its symbolic role, the Garden of Heroes will be used once a year during the annual celebration of the Third National Assembly’s anniversary.


The design of the memorial is based on the typology of an ancient Greek theater adapted to the natural terrain of the land. This layout is evocative of the event of the assembly and implies the equal participation of its members. The ancient theater is an element of Greek identity not only as an architectural type but also as an archaeological ruin. The theater is a characteristic element of ancient Greek architecture which revives in modern history. Moreover, the image of a ruined theater is related to the period of the discovery of the antiquities and the connection of the new Greek nation with the ancient civilization. The ruins are of particular symbolic value in times of crisis as they allow diverse interpretations and create opportunities for self-reflection on history.

The design concept originates from the primary type of a Greek theatre that assimilates elements from the long process of decay. The ruinous condition is not approached as an image, as in the picturesque aesthetics, but focuses on the structural distortion of the architectural type, that is to say the degeneration of the architectural structure. The aim of the design is to create a new ruinous structure that arises from the deformation of the type and the recognition of the forces of time.


The design of the memorial is based on the distortion of the circular structure of the ancient theater. The geometric perfection of concentric circles is negated as more centers are created instead of one. The vegetation intrudes into the cavea and creates successive zones of marble tiers with planted surfaces. The memory of the 173 participants in the Third National Assembly is honored by engraving their names on the horizontal marble surfaces of the stands.

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