Young Architects in France and Greece

8 February - 24 March 2012, Benaki Museum - Pireos Street Annexe, Athens -GR

Organized by the Hellenic Institute of Architecture and the French Institute of Greece in collaboration with the Benaki Museum
Curated by: Panos Dragonas, Anna Skiada
Exhibition design: Panos Dragonas, Anna Skiada
Graphic Design: Ioanna Kostika

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14F/21GR exhibition was a tribute to the oeuvre of a younger generation of architects in France and in Greece. Presenting 14 architects and creative teams from France and 21 from Greece, it recorded a wealth of architectural narratives about the contemporary urban and natural landscape and revealed common trends and references in both countries.

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The exhibition structure simulated the working space of an architectural studio. Photographs, architectural plans, models and digital projections were presented on drawing boards and the Museum walls like works-in-progress. Each presentation included a small unfolding booklet that was designed by the participants.
The different career paths taken by this internationally oriented generation, were noted on a common map.

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Photos: Charalambos Louizides

Participants: a3lab, Julien Abinal, Archivirus, AREA Architecture Research Athens, A+R Salles paysagistes, buerger katsota architects, decaARCHITECTURE, Divercity, doxiadis+, draftworks*, Drifting City, Est-ce ainsi, Fabriques architectures paysages, FORA, Freaks freearchitects, griik architects, IF-UNTITLED ARCHITECTS, Ilham Laraqui, k&k architects, KLAB architecture, NP2F, OLGGA architectes, paan architects, Julien Perraud / Atelier RAUM, Point Supreme Architects, Praxys, BuildingBuilding, Spacelab Architecture, SPIROS IPapadimitriou ARCHITECTURE, tenςe architecture network, Bouriette&Vaconsin architectes urbanistes paysagistes, Emmanuelle Weiss, Stéphanie Vincent / berranger & vincent* architectes, we design, workshop˙ DIONISIS+KIRKI.

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